The opening of my art gallery

The opening of my art gallery


It’s a new role in my life and a very exciting one: I am now officially a gallerist. On September 28th, I opened my art gallery in Kiel. We had three fabulous opening days with great guests and a lot of interesting discussions, which attest to my idea that art and business are enriching for each other.

My first artist, Marcus Meyer is a gifted sculptor who looks at humanity through its relationship with animals. On display at my gallery is his series “industrialized being”, which shows animals that are subject to mass agriculture. They combine beauty and trepidation, as some body parts are left out on purpose and other body parts are accentuated to show the influence of livestock farming. The animals are made out of industrial wood which is typically used for buildings and not for sculptures.

The logistics of setting up the gallery were particularly challenging. How do you transport two huge milk cows? Well, you need six strong people and three skate boards!

But pigs, chicken and bulls are also part of the exhibition.

Curious about my gallery and the current exhibition? Take a look at my new gallery website where you’ll find the catalogue, prices and location. From now on, all updates and information regarding the gallery will be hosted on the new website.

Are you interested in seeing the art pieces in person? Contact me via the website or email to for an appointment.


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