The Start of a Small Podcast Series

  Last week, I did my first podcast session with Norman Glaser’s MARKENREBELL. We talked about business topics such as performance, digitisation, technology and the areas where our corporate culture needs to change. I also talked

Simone Menne

Women and Power

  Do we need different power structures to allow women to participate? At the end of her brilliant book Women & Power, historian Mary Beard claims that we must change the structures of power to allow


My Kiel

  I recently moved back to my hometown, Kiel [keel], in Northern Germany, right on the Baltic Sea. Most people, at least in Germany, have a certain disbelief in their voice when they hear about my


Hello World!

  It is great that you have found your way to my webpage. If you’re looking for input and opinions on diverse topics such as women and leadership, digitisation in companies and contemporary art, you’ve come




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