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Is gender-neutral language necessary?

  I can most definitely say: yes, it is necessary that we all consider gender-neutral language, educate ourselves and make up our minds on how we want to use it.[…]

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Art goes digital – my first Instagram livestream

  Art is always linked to the respective time in which it is created and goes hand in hand with the corresponding developments and advances. Thus, every decade gives birth[…]

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A list full of role models – FemaleOneZero’s “Forty over Forty”

  Forty inspiring women: each year, the online magazine FemaleOneZero’s “Forty over Forty” listicle honors female pioneers from all fields, be it politics, science, arts, activism, or business – and[…]

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The role art plays in my life

Art has always been a passion of mine, but never my profession. Now I have the opportunity to test my skills in this area with an exciting new project: my very own gallery, located right in the heart of Kiel. Follow me on my journey to opening and running the gallery.