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How has the role of supervisory boards changed over time?

  The following text is based on a speech I recently gave at the LMU München. The position of the supervisory board was established back in 1870 – however, I[…]

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The opening of my art gallery

  It’s a new role in my life and a very exciting one: I am now officially a gallerist. On September 28th, I opened my art gallery in Kiel. We[…]

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Europe does not mean giving up your homeland

  Diversity is Europe’s strength. That is why we have to discuss arguments and different solutions. We need to develop a common European identity. This text was first published on[…]

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The role art plays in my life

Art has always been a passion of mine, but never my profession. Now I have the opportunity to test my skills in this area with an exciting new project: my very own gallery, located right in the heart of Kiel. Follow me on my journey to opening and running the gallery.