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Can Europe do better?

Yes, it can – but only when it becomes a truly united Europe, without separate countries, governments and attitudes on critical topics like climate change! The German newspaper Handelsblatt recently[…]

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Starting my very own podcast: “How to Run an Art Gallery”

  Art has always been very important for me, but when it came to choosing my career path, I decided on a more sensible course: finance. After a very successful[…]

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As low as it gets: a target number of zero women on the executive board

  The new AllBright Report ( has just been released, and states – once again – that Germany’s 160 public companies continue to have virtually no women on their executive[…]

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The role art plays in my life

Art has always been a passion of mine, but never my profession. Now I have the opportunity to test my skills in this area with an exciting new project: my very own gallery, located right in the heart of Kiel. Follow me on my journey to opening and running the gallery.