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“Ich bin eine Quotenfrau” – Why I am advocating for a gender quota in leadership positions

  As I started to climb the corporate ladder at Lufthansa, I soon realized something that was to accompany me throughout my career: As a woman in a leadership position,[…]

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“A manager is a man”: My thoughts on the latest AllBright Report on declining numbers of women in leadership

  Unusual times call for innovative measures – or so you would think. But the latest AllBright report shows that especially in German companies, this opportunity to reconsider has so[…]

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Establishing sustainable practices within a company – The sixth episode of “Die Boss”

  For the latest episode of my podcast “Die Boss”, I interviewed Antje von Dewitz, CEO of the family-owned German outdoor sports company VAUDE. She took over the company from[…]

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Simone Menne Art Gallery. Visit my new Website!


The role art plays in my life

Art has always been a passion of mine, but never my profession. Now I have the opportunity to test my skills in this area with an exciting new project: my very own gallery, located right in the heart of Kiel. Follow me on my journey to opening and running the gallery.